Tough SAT Test in October? You hope so.

Getting ready for the SAT test – prepping with Hampshire Academy.

Most of you have such busy programs at school that you prefer to study for the SAT during the summer and then take the October edition of  the SAT. But you’ve heard that the October test is always the most difficult and you’re concerned.

Let me make it clear then – you want a tough test. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Here’s why:

First, it doesn’t matter when you take the test. In fact, before everyone takes the test in say October, the College Board has already settled the concordance table (that is your SAT score based upon the number of correct answers) and this score would be comparable to an SAT in December or March.

Getting back to the main topic then – if the math test is easy, one mistake could cost you 20 or 30 points and 4 mistakes could take you down to 710. But if the test is very hard, one mistake might still give you 800.

You’re lucky because in Lebanon, we have a very high standard of math education – and that means 650 plus is very doable, not to mention 800. You need focus, practice and determination to achieve high on math – plus you need to learn how to eliminate silly mistakes.