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The SAT and Your Mind-set

You all know by now that the SAT is a stressful test – you’re under pressure to complete questions within the time allowed and without making any mistakes.

The single most important thing during the test is to stay positive – don’t allow yourself to become tired or fed up. Stop thinking you want to go home,  to the bathroom, or anywhere that isn’t that desk where you are coloring in bubbles. Negative thoughts will affect your score.

The test is designed to check how you perform under pressure – so one way of remaining positive is to become comfortable with the demands of the test. Complete to time as many tests as you can find. Let your mind become accustomed to the rhythm of the test – know you will hit high points and low points in the course of the test, and ride through the low moments. If you’re losing focus, lift your eyes towards the end of the room, take six deep breaths … and return to the questions.

And remember – this too will pass 🙂

Our Summer SAT Courses

We’re very proud to share our exciting news!

Hampshire Academy will be giving SAT courses in the following schools over the summer: Brummana High School, College Notre Dame de Jamhour, College Notre Dame de Nazareth Beirut, St. Joseph School Cornet Chahwan, and Wellspring Learning Community.

We believe this is recognition of the strength and integrity of our courses.

You too can profit from our expertise in our centers in Horsh Tabet, Kaslik and Deir Al Kalaa Country Club. Call us on 71 793757 for further details.

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